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University and Scholarship Application

Dear NYJCian, congratulations on receiving your A level Results. Below are some important resources to aid you in your journey in applying for universities and scholarships. Click here for MOE's A level results release briefing slides.

Many of the resources below are found in the NYJC ECG Portal. If you are unaware of the password to the ECG Portal, please approach your class EDvocate.

Application Process

Application steps (Click here for the briefing slides on Application to Local Universities.)


1/   Explore

  • Explore your choices by going to the various Open Houses (more information here)

  • Seek for advice, if required.

2/   Apply to all universities concurrently

  • Apply to each university is via the individual university online portals. 

                       NUS    NTU    SMU    SUTD    SIT    SUSS

  • The application deadline is 19 March 2024 for all AUs.

  • Application to NUS College is via NUS (to be applied concurrently with NUS application).

  • Application to NTU-NIE is via NTU.

  • Application to Duke-NUS is via the various programmes under each university.

  • Apply for university scholarships at the same time. The scholarship application may be separate or together with the admissions application.

For students interested in applying to Medicine

Resources on getting into Medicine: Link

Digital Certificate for Application to Local Autonomous Universities

  • Starting from this year, all A-Level candidates, who are Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents, will receive digital certificates in OpenCerts format.

  • These certificates will be available on MySkillsFuture’s Skills Passport (link). If you have SingPass, you can access and submit your digital certificates electronically to the Universities that you are applying to.

  • For international students, you may send your request for a digital certificate via email to

3/   Request for teacher references

  • You will need teacher references if you are applying for scholarships / NUS College / medicine / aptitude-based admission / SUTD.

    • Local medicine applications

      • 2 referees

      • Preferably a healthcare community leader whom you have worked with or a teacher who knows you well

    • Aptitude-based admission to NTU

      • 1-2 referees

      • Preferably an external community leader or coach or CCA teacher, depending on your aptitude 

    • SUTD applications

      • 1 referee

      • Preferably a teacher who knows you well (preferably Math or Science tutors)

    • UK applications

      • 1 referee

      • Preferably a teacher who teaches you the subject that is related to your course of study 

    • US applications and HKU applications

      • Your Civics Tutor should be your school counsellor / official so as to write a holistic recommendation for you

      • You will need 2 other subject tutors to act as teacher recommenders and write referrals for you. CCA teachers are not recommended.

  • The application deadline is 19 Mar 2024 which falls during March holidays (9 – 17 Mar 2024). Teachers may not be contactable during holidays.


  • Invite your teachers to be your referee at least 1 week before you submit your application so as to give your teacher ample time to write the reference.

  • Since the application deadline is 19 Mar 2024, the latest date to invite teachers is 8 Mar 2024.

Invitation process


  • When you invite your teacher to be your referee, please inform your teacher of the following:

    • Which course and which university you are applying to

    • Why you wish for this particular teacher to write your reference

    • The date which you intend to submit your application (This is important as teachers will only have 3 days to 1 week to complete the referral after you submit the application)

  • After inviting teacher,

    • Download the university pre-application reflection form, fill it in and email your teacher referee within 1 week. The information you provide will greatly aid your teacher in writing a reference for you.

    • For NUS and NTU scholarship/aptitude-based admissions, send your teacher the link to the reference submission portal immediately after submitting your application form.

    • For the rest of the universities, there should be an automated email link sent directly to your teacher after you submit the application form. Please ask your teacher to check their spam folder if they do not receive the link.

  • For more information on teacher references, click here.

4/   Write your personal statement and prepare for interviews

  • Follow the guidelines stated here for personal statement writing.

  • Follow the guidelines stated here for interviews preparation.


5/   Consider applying for scholarship too

  • Find out more about scholarships and financial assistance here.

  • Two key government scholarships would be, the 

  1. PSC Scholarships, and the

  2. Singapore-Industry Scholarship.


  • If you have any query with regard to scholarship matters, please contact Mr Chng Yongxi (Subject Head Talent Development):

6/   Accept offers via Joint Acceptance Portal

  • Successful applicants are required to accept the admission offer online via Joint Acceptance Portal by the deadline shown in your electronic offer letter.

  • The windows for acceptance are:
    1st window: 2 January to 24 May 2024 (for offers released before 24 May 2024)
    2nd window: 1 to 18 June 2024 (for offers released between 25 May and 18 June 2024)

  • As the Joint Acceptance Portal is the same across the six AUs, you may be offered a course of study in more than one university.

  • However, you are only allowed to accept one offer from one of the six universities if you have been offered by more than one university.

7/   Appeal after release of application outcome

  • You may wish to appeal against the admissions decision of the university. 

  • Generally, you would need to submit an essay to outline reasons for appeal.

  • In your essay, you should focus on

    • new achievements not previously stated in your original application

    • new circumstances not previously stated in your original application

    • how you can contribute to the university in non-academic areas

  • If you have received offers already, please accept one of the offers as you await the outcome of appeal.

8/   Information for returning NS men

  • The AUs will reserve a place for you if you are serving full-time National Service (NS) in Singapore. You will only enrol after the completion of your full-time NS obligation, or if you are granted disruption by MINDEF.

  • Some applicants may wish to apply for a change of course while serving full-time NS. You can submit a fresh admission application during the admissions window of the current batch or email the admissions office.

  • Your reserved course will be automatically withdrawn if your new application is successful.

  • If you changed your mind and do not wish to accept the new course offer, it would be advisable for you to:

    • Submit an appeal during the appeal period to reinstate your previous reserved course. The success of your appeal will be at the discretion of the University, and

    • Accept the new offer, while waiting for the outcome of your appeal.

  • If you are unsuccessful in your new application, you will remain in the reserved course if you had accepted the reserved course earlier.

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